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Okay, who's a big girl now?! *sung to the Toys'rUS theme*

I just posted my first video!!!

I finally got my youtube page set up!  Nicole has been posting them before I could (but I still love her...maybe..)CURSE YOU!

So, please like my channel on Youtube!! Hug  And leave me a nice comment! 

I love you all and appreciate you!!!:happybounce: Huggle! 
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A friend of mine who shall remain nameless (Nicole) called me her PREPPY FETISH FRIEND today.  I have to admit that while we were chatting, I was looking at Abercrombie wondering what the summer would bring, other than a rainfall of new ballgag colors (can't wait).

I had to laugh at her description though of me.  But I have to say it's actually right on the money.  Am I someone you would suspect that would be into bondage? Not unless you knew the actual kind of people into bondage.  Most people into bondage are just like well...You and I.  Preppy - maybe not always but more educated - yes.

So in all my bondage years experience who likes bondage.

FACTUAL ANSWER: Just about everybody has tried it at one point or another. 

Whether it's for them or not, is something they have to decide.  Over the years, especailly with the release of 50 Shades of Grey it's gotten even more popular and my goal is to bring Bondage out of the closet. 

Trapped in the Closet by subshopautumn

Although if done right being in the closet can actually be fun too.  It all depends upon how you look at it.

As to if I am preppy or not - my thought on this is...


PS - I need more friends at Facebook!  Friend me today and let's be BONDSTERS together! 

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For those of you not in the know, us Autumn Bondsters (a new term, I'm coining!) think Vanilla Sex is quite boring.

My definition of Vanilla Sex:  Lights Off, Missionary, I wasn't ready yet...pump..pump..pumppp...done...roll over...turn on the news

Did I get it right?  Because it's been so long since I've had vanilla sex that I think that is how it goes.  As I discussed earlier...

Why Bondage is BAD....

1) Bondage is for adult playtime.
2) Bondage allows you to act out your fantasies
3) Bondage brings a smile to your face
4) Bondage makes you feel safe
5) Bondage makes you feel appreciated for who you fully are
6) Bondage gives you intense orgasms:o (Eek) 
7) It gives you wonderful Aftershocks:happybounce: 

And Now....we will Discuss


1) You can pick out what you are wearing to work while you are having sex...
2) You can lay back and think of England
3) Everyone loves a good nap
4) Gives you time to reflect upon when the last time you dusted was...
5) Over very fast because no one wants to be there either...:o (Eek) 
6)  The lights are off so you are saving electricity
7)You may have burned about 10 calories
8) Over in 20 minutes or less
9) Fuck Foreplay....who needs it
10) No one came...only went....(think about it for a's an Autumn original...);) (Wink) 

So....there you have it! NOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT ON!  Amazing Orgasms - WHO NEEDS 'EM!  After Shocks?! Why Bother!  Great mornings that you sing at your desk - that's for looooooserrrrrs! Giggle

How many great things can you think of for WHY VANILLA SEX IS GREAT?!  We need your comments....really....because....I can't think of anymore.....Giggle 

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Have you ever wondered why bondage is so bad?  Why is that someone is not embarrassed for liking chocolate chip cookies over sugar cookies but yet some people feel guilt and a terrible sense of shame over like (or loving) bondage?

Over the many years, I have been so blessed to be a part of the bondage community, it would absolutely shock and astound you how many emails I've gotten about how much Sub-Shop helped people feel better about themselves. Our goal was always to be a safe haven in the storm of guilt and shame surrounding sexuality. After all, our nation was founded by the Puritans.  I think the Europeans have a much better handle on things, but even the emails I would get from overseas could be heartbreaking.

In thinking on this, I've come up with some ideas...


1) Bondage is for adult playtime.
2) Bondage allows you to act out your fantasies
3) Bondage brings a smile to your face
4) Bondage makes you feel safe
5) Bondage makes you feel appreciated for who you fully are
6) Bondage gives you intense orgasms:o (Eek) 
7) It gives you wonderful Aftershocks:happybounce: 

Let's see how many more reasons we can come up with WHY BONDAGE IS BAD....Love 

Coming up next....Why Vanilla Sex is GREAT!

Sneak Preview:
1) You can pick out what you are wearing to work while you are having sex...
2) You can lay back and think of England
3) Everyone loves a good nap


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It's kind of funny.  For so long I thought I was being very *stealth* as though no one knew the real me.  But when the news came out, I knew it wasn't true.  I've gotten emails addressed to my real name on here and people asking about my personal life as though they knew me (or wanted readings), so I thought I would out myself before someone else did.  Although, technically I've been out for a while.  It's hard to think you are "in the closet" when you have a news crew at your front door....

Yes, my name is Collette. :)  But my persona or who I am is Autumn and that is exactly who I am here.  We all have our secret selves and Autumn is mine.  Collette is shy, Autumn is not.  It's a lot like Beyounce. She uses Sascha Fierce as her stage persona.  It let's her be who she is underneath.  *wink*  Or Lady Gaga's real name is  Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Marc Anthony is Marco Antonio Muñiz, and Dita Von Teese is Heather Renée Sweet. And the list goes on and on. 

I think we all are multi-faceted people with different sides of ourselves.  Autumn is a part of me.  And I am a part of her.  I promised you that when I came back, I wasn't going to hide.  I was done with that.  I am real and authentic.  This is my voice.  This is who I am.
Thinking for something to play. by subshopautumn

I just happen to have an amazing ballgag collection and more handcuffs than the State Troopers. 

I want to celebrate the side of each and every person that allows for freedom of expression.  We shouldn't have to be conflicted anymore as to who we are or what we desire.  I outed myself for me, but I also outed myself for you.  It took a lot of me pushing my fear aside to be able to say, "this is who I am".  I want you to do the same thing.  I wanted to be the inspiration for anyone who is struggling with that part of themselves they feel is wrong or feel embarrassed about. I want you to know that nice, normal, safe and sane person is into bondage.  As a matter of fact, I love bondage.  I love the sexiness of it.  The safeness that I feel wrapped up tightly in my lover's arms in rope and the beauty of our playing together.  I honor that side of myself and I want you to honor that side of yourself.  I want you to feel loved for the person you are truly and fully.  The bullying and the name calling ends here.  As I said before, "not on my watch". 

My goal is to build an online community where people feel supported, uplifted and loved for who they are and most of all - CELEBRATED!  Sex is a celebration of life and love.  We don't have to like it all the same way.  Why would we?!  That would be very boring!  Some people like vanilla.  And some people like Mocha, Rocky Road, Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Tutti Fruitti and Sprinkles on top! 

That is what life is supposed to be.  It's about finding our true selves and about being who we really are.  I wanted to give that gift to you.  To step out of the closet and say, "it's okay".   If I can do it, you can do too.  You can feel loved and supported for being who you are - FULLY.  You don't have to hide anymore.  You can be loved for exactly who you are without exception.  And we will do it together! 

Together we will build a bondage community with our Bondage Uprising that will be all these things.       

PS - As a online friend told me, "Yes, it took me literally 5 minutes to find out everything about you.  I'm in IT, you can't hide....we know everything...".    
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As I mentioned before in my Why I cam Back journal entry, there were a lot of reasons why I took time off from the love of my life  

One of them was that I spent that year not only taking care of our adopted and biological children with Special Needs but also that I wrote 5 books, all about my experiences of being a Psychic Medium.  Now, I know it's not for everyone and I respect that.    But it's a gift I've had since I was a small child due to a severely messed up childhood and it's helped me in numerous ways.  What I find most rewarding is that it gives others comfort.  Comfort that they thought they would never find.

So whether you believe in the afterlife or not, here is one of my books - and yes, that is my real name -…

Sensuality and Spiritual, along with creating a positive uplifting movement is what my life mission is about.  To give comfort for those who are lost.  To shelter those who feel they have nothing more and to give love to those who feel unloved.  My readings helped so many and I have been so thankful to bring peace and solid knowledge to those who were in pain that life does go on.

I feel exposed to you as I share this part of my life with you.  As I said before, no more hiding who I am.  This is me.  For whatever you are going through and struggling with may it bring you comfort, peace and joy.  They are all authentic, just as I myself am.

If you read it and like it, I would appreciate your honest review on Amazon and

So, there you have it.  Autumn fully exposed. I have outed myself as being who I am.  It can be scary when you drop all the pretenses but it can also be calming is there is nothing more to fear.  I believe it is in fear that we found our darkest moments and it creates our darkest hours.  By giving up the fear and standing up proclaiming who wears, we lose the fear.  I couldn't do Bondage Uprising and hide this part of myself.  Bondage Uprising is about letting go of fear and letting love in.
My name is Autumn, I am a Bondage Model.  My name is Collette, I am a Psychic Medium.  They are all parts of me in my own self, wrapped mystically around me into the woven tapestry of the person I am.  
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Okay!  So have you ever wondered  why I love Latex?!

Find out here!!!

VOTE FOR ME!!!  I want to be the most popular girl in bondage land!!! Yeahhh!

I hope you like it!!! Love The beautiful Nicole posted it before I could!  CURSE YOU! Hug 

And Ooops! That is a Nip Slip!  :o (Eek)  I knew you were going to call me out on it!  Giggle 
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Forget Wednesday with "hump day". Too Vanilla!  Let's spice it up!!

 I am taking over Monday and making it....


Will you make me free? by subshopautumn

I believe that life is what we make of it. We can turn our frowns upside down and become happy campers if we choose it!  So, today, I dedicate this to you!  No more bad Mondays, just great MMPHHDAYS!


And yes!  You can expect the Grand Re-opening (not like Bob's Burgers...) of very soon!   Come and check us out!  We have been working like crazy! 
Remember to tell all your friends, including your Grandma and Grandpa!  They will want to be part of the fun!  (kinky buggers, aren't they :o (Eek)  - just kiding but your neighbor orders a lot....but I can't tell you which one...and your cousin too...but I'll never tell.....):happybounce:    Your secret is safe with me, or should I say theirs!

It's all coming together!!! We are going to be bigger and more bad ass than ever before!  Come and join the fun!!!  It's not a party without you!:happybounce: Hug 
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Do you love bondage and everything about it?  Are you super Social Media Savvy as in a Titian in Twitter, Delicously Deviant on Deviant Art, Freakin' Awesome on Facebook, You Rocked You Tube and so on?

I have a lot of great content to share and to uplift, inspire and hopefully change some lives for the better!  So, consider it Autumn's Better Bondage and Happy Mornings mission. (you know, like the kind of mornings where you still have aftershocks 8 hours later)

 What I am looking for is for someone to upload and schedule my photos on Deviant.  I write all the content but you are just posting it with great keywords and creative and sexy fun tag lines.  You are going to have us join groups and get our mission of Happy Bondage Playtime out to the world!

For Twitter, you will increase our following and set up postings with Hootsuite. 

For Youtube - Promote our videos!

For everything else - you tell me!  Shock and Awe me with your awesomeness!  I want to specifically hear what makes you a Social Media Maverick.  What would you do to promote and Me!  I want to be the most popular at the bondage lunch table.

You must be dependable and positive.  I need to know that you are excellent and forthright.  No spammers or posers here, please.  Only Real Life people that believe in the mission of making the world a better place. 

As for payment, it will be a set amount, for example - posting xyz photos get you this much of a gift certificate.  Make me an offer I can't refuse.  And remember, these accounts are my pride and joy.  I'm creating the content.  I just need you to post it so I can do what I do best - be Deviant!

If you are interested, send me a note with what you would do, what you think we need to do in order to spread our message far and wide of positive sexuality and beautiful bondage.  Serious Inquiries only please.     
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 For those of you in the know, the thought of bondage can  often conjures images of whips, double locking handcuffs and beautiful black leather in all forms of gags, leashes, collars and more! For those who don’t know (*smile* ) prepare to be informed and titillated as we envelope you into a world of erotic play and sublime sensuality.   Bondage is not just about ropes, gags and handcuffs, it’s about so much more.  It’s about bringing playfulness back into sex.  But first we will begin with a few beginner topics about bondage or BDSM.

BDSM represents bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism; however, I personally like to think it stands for Beautiful Delicious Sexual Madness. If you’re looking for a sexual change—and a hell of a way to turn your lover on—then exploring the world of BDSM is definitely a road to consider.

 While this may sound a bit daunting if you have never played, BDSM or bondage can open up avenues of mind-blowing erotically charged sexual pleasure. I describe BDSM in two ways: light and heavy. Personally, I’m into a little (okay, a lot) of both. Since this article is for bondage newbies out there looking to get their toes (and other things) wet, I’m going to go into a bit of light BDSM that will get you started. So clear your mind of physically torturous sexual positions and spiked paddles; those don’t come until later and that is only after you have passed initiation. (I’m just kidding!) Giggle   Maybe….


To start with there are two roles of BDSM: the dominant (person in charge)  and the submissive (person who obeys the former) . These roles are often referred to as Doms and subs, or you can also use Master and Slave for a more erotic twist. Either of these sexual roles can be filled by men or women. There is no right or wrong when it comes to bondage.  If you are domiant female and enjoy having a submissive lover, then bring that role into your fantasy sexy play.  If you are a domain male and enjoy the company of an adoring slave, then take those rolls.  Go with whatever feels most natural and erotic for you.  And as in everything in life, you need to talk about it first with your partner to clearly define your roles.

Once you have defined your bondage roles into Submissive and Dominant, you can begin the erotic play *que the gong*  If you are a first time sub, you have only one job: Obey. Your. Dom. Show respect; tell your Dom what you like. Disobedience is punishable (although this in itself can be fun).  Never go outside of your comfort zone, and make sure that those are set up in advance.  Always have a Safe word (Link to safeword article) in place and make sure you use it if it anytime you are feeling uncomfortable.  Bondage is about erotic sex play and about making sex even more pleasurable and enjoyable.  Your partner may push your boundaries but it is important to make sure that you always feel comfortable and safe in any sexual situation; be it bondage or otherwise.

Now, for you first time Doms, get ready to give your new bondage slave an erotically delicious  good time! One of the most basic forms of BDSM is tying your partner up (B stands for bondage, hello?!Love ). In the beginning, I recommend using soft sensual items which are non-threatening like erotic silk scarves or neck ties.  You create a wonderful playtime for your slave by just doing something as simple as tying your partner to the bedpost or even just binding them, inhibiting use of hands and feet.

 To many BDSM fans (including myself) being tied up just isn’t complete without erotic act of being blindfolded. This is where the heat really starts to build; being in complete control is a major turn on for the dom, whereas being completely vulnerable to every possible sexual intensity builds the adrenaline and excitement for the sub.  Remember Dom, once you have your charge blind and bound, there are myriad ways to make them squirm and squeal.  Always keep their comfort and safety in mind, but also know htat you are in are charge of the situation and it’s time to make that *magic* happen!

 Give your lover an experience they will  always remember and cherish as their first bondage experience by giving your sub erotic and sensual sensations. Kiss, lick, and tickle random body parts. Use your hands, tongue, and (ahem) other parts of the body to explore the play thing lying vulnerable in front of you. If you want to get a little wilder, you could also stir up the sexual sensations by dripping a melting ice cube or hot candle wax over the skin of your prisoner and watch them writhe with delight.

 To keep true to the master/slave theme, talking dirty is essential. If you’re in charge, tell your partner your plans for them (‘I’m going to make you scream my name’). Likewise, if you’re the sub, tell your dom what a naughty, naughty slave you’ve been (‘Master, I’ve been so bad. I need to be punished’). You get the idea. Doms, if your sub disobeys, give them a couple of nice firm spanks on the ass. That’ll teach that dirty boy/girl how to behave! Just remember, not too hard (unless they ask).

 If you’re having trouble deciding what is for you, I suggest trying our bondage checklist.  It’s a great way to find out what exactly you and your partner are into and exploring and expanding sexual bondage boundaries. There are also many sex toys you can choose to bring to bed with you.   And as always, make sure you have a great lube on hand (or in your hand, or umm….other places).    Once you feel comfortable with silk scarves and blindfolds, then you can start moving onto the heavier BDSM stuff—like blindfolds, ballgags, nipple clamps, bondage whips and crops for spanking naughty slaves and more.  Remember, the one who dies with the most toys, dies the happiest! At least that is my motto and I think I’ve got you all beat by a about ten thousand square feet! *evil giggle* J

Enjoy this erotic new journey you are on.  Bondage isn’t just about sex but it’s also about mind fucking, but in a good way.  When you give yourself over to someone, it’s more than just sex, it’s about giving yourself over completely, body, mind and spirit.  True domination and true submission are just ways to express your devotion and love (and LUST!) for each other.  So, if you start to feel tense, lighten the mood and laugh. Bondage sex is fun and it’s incredibly sexy.  Enjoy your new journey oh…and send us a post card when you get to “OH MY FUCKING GOD THAT WAS AMAZING VILLE”.  I’ll be waiting…   :happybounce:   Until then you can always visit me at  

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Well, we did it! We made it through the week! It's finally Friday!  I think we should all celebrate with a glass of wine and a ball gag. And if she whines at all.....make it a ball gag and and armbinder...What Does the Fox Say? Nothing! by subshopautumn.;) (Wink)

What are you going to do this weekend?  I am still working away at getting my bondage baby Sub-Shop up and running, along with writing content for Bondage Uprising.

I want this time to be bigger, better and most of all more bad ass than ever before!  We are going to be the place that makes you feel loved, safe and maybe a little frisky in a good way.  Huggle!   Make that frisky with *Gag Kisses*! 

Whoever you are and wherever you are going, consider yourself armbinder hugged!  

Gag Kisses,
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I was greeted with a happy surprise this morning when I logged on to my computer.  Lady Gaga is openly talking about her relationship with her boyfriend in more interesting terms.  While not being completely out about having a typical Dominant and submissive sexual relationship, the US Weekly article lets you read between the lines.  Those lines may be vanilla but we will color them in with chocolate, mocha and maybe some rainbow sprinkles and make them our own. 

This is the article:

Lady Gaga Is Submissive to Boyfriend Taylor Kinney, Says "He's Totally In Charge"

I applaud Lady Gaga for talking about her relationship and for being proud of who she is.  So often as submissive women, we are told by society that what we desire is not right.  A feminist would never be submissive.  A career minded woman would never submit to anymore as she has to be strong at all times.  This just isn't so.  As someone who considers herself a bit of a Honey Badger, I give myself over completely in my submission to my lover. 

My submission fulfills me in ways that are so much more than erotic.  My sexual submission fulfills my mind, bondage and soul.  It makes me feel safe and loved to have someone who is in control.  Our bondage play is beautiful and loving while still being wild and incredibly passionate.

**Case in Point - How many of you have broken a bed?   Come on now, raise your hand.....   *Autumn proudly waves her hand in the air back and forth grinning from ear to ear**   Now that is *spectacular*!    Okay, put your hands down, you are making your co-worker nervous with your antics and the huge grin on your face....get some 

Bondage is so much more than just a sexual act.  Although bondage sex is AMMMMAZZZINNNNNGGG!  Wait...I need to throw in some OOOOOOOOOOOO's!  As in OHHHHH MY &^*^(&*^&*^%*&^*%*^& GOD! GRRR!!!! Awesome!:happybounce:

We need to be more out in the open and to talk and uplift each other!  Let's end the Kink Shaming and let's start the Bondage Uprising!  How can you be a part of being a positive and forward movement for bondage?  Easy!  Put your comments below and we will talk about them in our podcast, or BETTER YET - write a blog entry about bondage and what it means to you.  Write about how it makes you feel and what a great and wonderful experience it is.  Our job is to educate and uplift each other.  We will end Kink Shaming and bring bondage out in the light TOGETHER. 

I need your help to do this.  My voice isn't enough! It needs to be the voice of many!  Thousands!  Send me your blog entries, your ramblings, your thoughts - whatever you want - just make sure that they positive and we will post them on Uprising!  If you want you name by it let me know - whether it be your web name or your full name - we will honor all requests.

We need to be like Lady Gaga and be forward!  No Meat Dreses (I'm a vegetarian so that one is off the market for me anyways...) but they will instead be of sexy rope with a nice hot blue ball gag (put that one just in for you ALEX!).  I love you and I want you to love yourself!  Let's put an end to this all this darkness and move forward into the light - TOGETHER!

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 A friend of mine sent me an article on  Slut Shaming today and I have to say it made me really sad and quite frankly mad.    Belle Knox was treated pretty unfairly by the media, not to mention the students.  I feel genuinely bad for her but I had to laugh at her classy and funny remarks below:

Her porn work is also fulfilling the objective she laid out for it: help her graduate debt free.

“I’ve made between 25-30 videos, and at the rate I’m going, I’ve made enough to pay for this year.”

She doesn’t advise others walk in her shoes, however.

“If I could give advice for any person who was choosing college, I would honestly advise them to go to a cheaper school,” she said.Clap 

And while the Knox says she’s not much of a sports fan, she does have a message for her alma mater as they head into the NCAA college basketball tournament.

“Go Duke! Go Blue Devils!”Giggle 


Now what I have to say is good for her!  How many of us would have liked to graduate college (especially DUKE!) debt free?!   I believe that in life other people may make choices that we ourselves wouldn't make but that doesn't make it wrong.  Other people's preferences and decisions are just that - theirs! I believe in respecting others just as I would want to be respected, so I applaud Belle Knox!

And I think it's the same way for people into or not into's why.....

It's kind of like shaming someone if they like chocolate instead of vanilla.  And yes, I am not so slyly referring to bondage here.  Vanilla is what we as a bondage society, call people who don't like bondage.  I always imagine "Vanilla" people being very uptight, lights off,half dressed and thinking of England when I think of "Vanilla". :o (Eek)   Did I mention that someone is yawning in the middle of it?  No, I disagree!   I know...sounds terrible doesn't it?Waaaah!  

Now, I myself would NEVER EVER want to live a "Vanilla" life.  I like mint chocolate chip, caramel cashew or even rocky road.  I would never want to do the same thing"over and over" again.  I am a creative person and I like creative and fun "sexy time" with my husband.   Especially when you are in a long term relationship, I can't imagine how boring it must be to so uptight!  Oops! Where are the multiple orgasms? Oh wait, that is don't have them.  Giggle    

I am completely against slut shaming and kink shaming.  I myself have been in happy and monogamous relationship for years.  Love   We are devoted to each other and we have a lot of "creative fun" with each other.  And I think that it's exactly the way it should be.  I would hate to just wear the same pair of shoes for the rest of my life.  Don't they ever want to play and just lose themselves entirely?   I just don't get it!  Isn't sex supposed to be fun, playful and most of all enjoyable?!  :squee:

I know that I myself have been judged for being into bondage and now I want to hear what you have to say about it.  My thought is to fight back! Which is why I did thisAutumn's Kink Shaming podcast which the lovely and very talented Nicole put together!  I hope you will like it!

SEND ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS!!  Remember, united we stand!  Ball Gags in Hand! (haha!)  Handshake Dance! 

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Sorry I haven't been on Deviant much lately.  But I have great news!!!:happybounce: 

We have moved in to our new location!  It means lots of work for us and a step closer to launching with new goodies for you!    Hug 

That's right new photos, new gags, new diary entries (because I will finally have some time to do more writing)CURSE YOU!  and all kinds of good new stuff!Clap 

YES!! I will be posting my podcasts soon!  Can someone please give me more hours in the day?!  Or maybe I just need to be tied up for a bit and relax with some nice gag talk time....ahhh....the possibilities are endless....and that is what I love about you all!

I did a great podcast session with my friend Alex who was surprised I was an actual person!  I'm not just a model, I'm a LIVER! Pretty in Pink Schoolgirl Whipping by subshopautumn

That's right!  I think he almost fell off his chair when he asked me what my personal gag collection was.....My number  is easily over 50 and it's going to expand because we have LOTS OF NEW BALL COLORS COMING IN!  Bright blue, Tiffany Blue (my favorite), Yellow, Orange, Baby Pink, Hot Pink - it's going to be insane! Bunny Emoji-40 (Gangnam) [V3]   That's right, the bunny is doing the funky chicken.....just be with that for a moment and enjoy it....I know I did!  

So, the thought for today - is Autumn Real?  HECK YEAH I AM!!!  I have the photos to prove it!  Soon my videos will be done and you will get to see me being my dorky bondage self in action! I was trying to post one of my bloopers reel here but it wouldn't let me!   Anybody have any ideas on how to do this? 

I love geekiness, don't you?!  Bunny Emoji-40 (Gangnam) [V3]'s that funky bunny again!

MUST BE THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pretty in Pink Schoolgirl Whipping by subshopautumn
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Today's topic is what is your favorite part of bondage?  Other than the massive orgasms and the morning after - aftershocks!Gift: Pink Flame clapping icon

For me, it's the feeling of completeness when I am tightly bound.  As though nothing else in the world exists other than my lover. 

The erotic play of it, allows me to lose myself in a way that I am unable to in real life.  I simply let myself go and allow myself to be fully present in that moment where nothing exists other than a kiss, a touch or a good spanking. Heart Love    The gentle tug of my hair and the the feel of the ropes.  It fulfills me spiritually, physically and mentally in a way that is almost mystical.

What about you?excited 

Also, as a excited head's up is coming along!!!  We are still testing and getting everything ready but come over and visit us!  You know we love you to stop by.  Bring your friends!  I want to be the popular girl at the lunch table! (for once!)  Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 
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So, I've been busy recording super fun and very naughty bondage pod casts with of course GAG TALK in them!  I have a few all set and just have to go about posting them.  I don't think I can post them here, so I'll have to get to work on where to post them - ***SEND ME YOUR THOUGHTS!***

Tomorrow's Topic:

How did you tell your mate you were into bondage?  What tips do you offer to others? (our most popular question!):D (Big Grin) 


Why is my toe nail polish already coming off?  They are gel and are supposed to stay on for weeks.  Color you may ask - SIGNATURE AUTUMN PINK (just kidding...umm...maybe)CURSE YOU! 


Okay, so I will literally be reading your remarks in my podcast so please keep on topic. *unlike me and my toenails* Giggle

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Are you a computer genius with experience in Shopify?  If so, we need help getting our new website set up.  Help us get our meta tags, page set ups and the sort and we will trade you for bondage gear.  We are specifically looking to trade specific projects (not hourly, project specific) for gift certificates towards bondage gear, lingerie or adult toys of your choice.   Think's the ultimate trade! gets back faster and you get AWESOME GEAR!!!

We are looking to only work with experienced and frankly, kick ass IT and computer experts.  This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to rock their toybox!

If you are interested, send me a note with your experience and let's rock this! Clap 
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Okay, so this &(*&(* is about to get real now! :)  I'm on SKYPE!!!:D (Big Grin) 

I am going to start off by messaging and then eventually with help get it to the point where we can record pod casts and all talk.  Don't worry - no video- just chatting.  We will keep your neighbors from being jealous....that is until they hear you scream your BIG O'S!   :o (Eek) 

Want to test it out with me?  Friend me on Skype under Autumn LeFleur.  Chatting only for now, as I am on my Skype training wheels. :)

Gag Kisses,


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One of the things I have been thinking about lately is what it's like to be single, into bondage and trying not to just find someone perfect for a relationship, but also trying to find someone who is into the same thing sexually as you are.  I know as a Singleton, I experienced a lot of "Meh" moments while dating. Crying  Thankfully it didn't last long!  And at that point, I didn't even know I was into bondage.  I just knew that I wanted a relationship like 9 1/2 Weeks (*(&*&*( Christian Grey....Mickey Rourke before all the surgeries was "it"). Roll Eyes  

So, how do we find that perfect person for us that fulfills us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and most of all sexually?  I am going to make this a several part series, for the girls and the guys.  I will also give a shout out to my switches! (not my crops silly, couples and people who switch back and forth in the roles of dominant and submissive).

Write in and let me know your thoughts on this.  What have you experienced and what do you recommend to other singletons trying to find that perfect match - not only physically, emotionally, spiritually but also KINKILY.  Heart 


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Your wish is my command.....What do you want me to talk about in my podcasts? :D (Big Grin)  Not too raunchy:o (Eek) .....let's keep it light, kinky and fun!!!
:happybounce: Hug Giggle 
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